A Ruff Day in a Sea of Grass

Mommy brought me earlier to the park to get me some daily dose of much needed exercise.

Since it’s a Sunday morning, I met a few of my old friends there.

We had a blast running around and just going after each other. I miss them already.

We usually have playdates. Whenever mom and dad needs to go out of town, they always ask my aunt if I can stay with them and they’re more than happy to have me around to play with their lil ones. I’m slowly starting to gain more followers that way!

My friend, Silver, and I saw this small round thing with a few bees coming out so we decided to bite on it and make it roll around. Little did we know that it was their home. We ran for our lives and mommy just got to me in time and carried me away.

I did have a few bites which swole a little so mommy had to take me to the vet who gave me something that made me sleepy.

I heard the vet and mommy talking and it must’ve been a bee hive that fell from a tree. Aww shucks! I just wanted to play with them. I didn’t know they’ll be mad at me. I could’ve brought them gifts had they been a lil nicer to us.

It doesn’t hurt anymore, kinda itchy tho.

I wanted to show my picture but i’m too embarassed by what happened.

Next time i’ll make sure to keep my distance from things like that. Lesson learned!