Mom’s rolling briefcase scares me…

I overheard mom and dad talking about our trip to the beach earlier this week and it got me really excited!

First of all, I love the beach just as much as I love grassy terrain! I love rolling around the warm sand and getting wet along the shores.

What don’t I like about the entire trip? The rolling briefcase my mom always brings around! I don’t understand why she always has to carry that with her! She knows it scares me so much! Dad carries his gym bag so it’s a way better choice… also I like hiding in those bags.

I really don’t like those bulky rolling briefcases. They remind me of vacuum cleaners. I mean, why does it make so much noise!?!? Is the roaring sound really necessary? I know it’s supposed to suck up dirt and debris, but does it really have to sound like a robot about to abduct me!?