Typical fun time!

Oh man! You wouldn’t believe the day I had…

My mom always gets mad at me for trying to go out of the house whenever I see the door open, so she had me stay inside while they were openning the gate.

Me, being the fun-lover that I am, decided that it would be a great way to spend the day “rearranging” the furnitures in the house.

I went to the couch and got some of the pillow and had them lined up on the floor. I was trying to build my own fortress. I was thinking that if I were to rule one day, I better start by planning how i’m gonna make my kingdom. Wouldn’t be nice to have my own castle?

I took everything I can carry and brought it to the floor so I can mess with them and conceptualize.

My mom saw me and she chased after me while I had what she called a “shoe” in my mouth. I don’t get it. Who needs a shoe? I walk around barefoot all the time and i’m totally fine. I like feeling the cold floor or the warm grass on my paws.

Out of excitement, I started running towards her and she tripped. She laughed, but I still felt bad for her so I went to her to comfort her.

My dad saw my mom laughing hysterically and me wagging my tail like crazy and decided to join in the fun.

I thought I was gonna be punished but all’s good. I even ended up getting my favorite treat!


Wish I had it on video but my large paws can’t press the buttons properly.

Maybe when my parents are out I can try to experiment on how to make the camera work so I don’t have to rely on my parents to take selfies of me.