Why Choose Ash 4 President

A lot of people are asking why they should choose me, Ash, as president. And here are a few reasons that I can think of why:

People say i’m cute

That’s the number one reason that I believe would make me the best president. I’m cute so I can easily get my way. All I have to do is be my naturally shy and lovable self and people will automatically do as I please!

I’m low maintenance

Yep, I don’t require too much. All I need is food and time to go out of the house and play a little and that’s more that enough for me to be as motivated as I can be.

I’m always happy

I always like running around and just enjoying every minute of life. I can share this happiness with everyone! And with that…

I can make people happy

Feeling sad? I’m here to the rescue! I’ll go to you, cuddle with you, lick your face and that’s a guaranteed way to bring a smile. It always works, I tell you!

Loyalty is my forte

Ever thought that I may turn my back on my supporters? No way! I’m extremely loyal and once I believe that we’re great friends, i’ll always recognize you and be there for you.

I don’t (and never will) judge

I know everyone makes mistakes. Even I do, can you believe it? I once “accidentally” peed on the carpet. But I knew how to ask for forgiveness by looking at my parents in a very guilty way. This is why I know that when people make mistake, they can learn from it.

I have the capacity for greatness

I just know it! Trust me!

So again, I ask all of you, vote for Ash! Ash4President forever!

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